“James does an excellent job of identifying and tackling tough issues and traumas that are blocking individuals. He is a warm-hearted and loving individual who makes your soul feel calm, comfortable, and at home which allows any receiver to feel in lighter spirits at the end of the session. First-timers are gently guided through the process which allows them to open up at their own pace for healing. He alleviates what he believes is of current utmost importance. For experienced reiki receivers, sessions with James playfully go beyond the earthly realms. I recommend exploring reiki with this wonderful and passionate practitioner at any level of reiki receiving experience.”


The results were spectacular, David could see the blockages in my sacral chakra, and remove them; i also suffer lower lumber disc degeneration, which causes pain that requires morphine, David also saw two black rods running right through the area my back problem is, he removed those and the pain relief has lasted almost 4 weeks. I’d given up hope anything could be done at that level, happy I am to be wrong.
I’m writing this review not as David’s friend, but as someone who can testify first hand to David’s skills as a healer. They have been outstanding, even his absent healing is faultless.
David, I’d like to say thank you for everything you do and have done, one healer to another, one friend who helped where so many others simply could not do, may the universe always smile upon you.


It’s rare that you come across a person who is so authentic and knowledgeable about energy healing. Antionette is a true leader in her field, she takes a no-nonsense approach and is honest and compassionate when dealing with her clients. I am always in awe of her ability to cut through the bull and find the exact issues that I’m dealing with, and her tough but loving way to help me overcome them. A genuine healer and a beautiful soul. I have no hesitation in recommending her exceptional services to anyone ready to make a shift and take responsibility for their healing.


He is a kind hearted, easy to speak to type of character, who provides a healing service that has benefited my life in many ways.
It’s not just energy healing, it’s an intuitive reading of areas that need attention in your life. This was my experience. For others I imagine they will get different outcomes because the source has different plans for us all.
I believe David has a special relationship with source allowing for his gifts to help people’s individual needs.
Work with this man for your greater good.


“Suman was great to work with and really poured a lot of energy into the session. It was my first time doing Reiki and I will for sure be doing another session with her again! I’ve already recommended her to some family members and friends. She was also very generous and gave me one of her healing bracelets. Just do it and book a session:) Andres”


“James is a very special individual and truly has an amazing gift. I’ve never done Reiki before and my first session with James was an experience that I will never forget. I released a ton of pain that I carried over the years, which has aided me in my healing journey.”


“I was going through some challenges at work, so I decided to get an Energy Healing with Suman. Afterwards I felt relieved and relaxed. Within 2 days of my healing everything at work subsided. Thanks, look forward to many more sessions!”


I am eternally grateful for the influence and advice given to me by Antoinette. She is a constant source of inspiration and medication. I am blessed and so grateful for her knowledge and friendship.


“This was my first reiki experience and I would have to give it a 10/10. James really helped me connect and ease some pain that I had been holding within myself.

Not only that, but I am a very anxious person, and upon completion with reiki, I had no anxiety for what felt like weeks.

I had some emotional pain that I was holding onto since my sister passed, and I was not only able to connect with her spirit but to let a piece of that pain go. I learned to channel it into positivity.

James helped me discover my happy place, and now I simply need to breathe, close my eyes, and go to my beach.


“My first reiki session in over 10 years was with James. He was the first of many different healing modalities in my healing journey. During our session, James walked me through layers of pain, trauma, and deep-rooted emotions I had. My walls were up and I had resistance. He was the first step to unlocking and releasing trauma from childhood, from an abusive relationship, and more.

He provided a safe space where I could experience and release the pain I had held within that was consuming me from the inside. That session is a pivotal part of the amazing healing journey and progress I have had in the last few months.

Our conversation reviewing what we experienced after our session helped clarify what I saw and gave me more things to ponder that led to realizations even after the sessions.”


“Suman did an amazing job with my healing session. I was relieved of my headache as soon as the session was complete. I feel very relaxed, grounded, and peaceful now. Thank you so much for the wonderful session and the very quick delivery. I really look forward to booking another session!!” 


“This was such a calming and relaxing experience. When it was complete, I felt totally rested and renewed. During my session, I saw an icy blue light and felt slight vibrations. It was easy to connect, receive the healing, and go on about my day feeling calmer, happier, and more clear. Thanks!”


“What a transformational experience. James made my first, of what came to be my many reiki sessions, so profound. He isn’t afraid, to be honest, and goes deep into the areas I had hidden away. My healing journey has become more illuminating and wholesome thanks to his gifts.”


Annakee coached me at a time when I felt like I was just running and doing without getting anywhere. I felt like I wasn’t getting anywhere. What I did never seemed to be enough. By becoming aware of the core problem, I could see what I wanted. This clarity motivated me to take targeted action.
Annakee is very professional and calm. Even if it was sometimes uncomfortable for me, she managed to motivate me deeply. I was shaken awake and am now in the process of doing what brings me closer to my goals and desires.


“Anna is a superb channel who comes completely from her heart space, exceptional integrity and a place of non-judgment. Her work literally goes to the soul of any situation and brings to light the deepest truth for what I have experienced as life-changing transformation. I have no hesitation in recommending Anna as one of the purest channels I have had the pleasure of working with on my journey of self-realization. She is truly a privilege and a divine gift in every sense. My gratitude for the healing she has facilitated is unbounded.”


“I had an incredible, life changing experience with Anna. She targeted my womb and helped me address and let go of childhood abuse and trauma. After the first session, my abdomen region literally changed immediately and my pants didn’t fit. I had to go down an entire size. The following session was equally successful. Even my husband has noticed the difference in my physique. Astonishing but true. My clothes fit differently and I feel healthier and more centered. The tender areas in my abdominal region due to my fibroids are healed and I no longer have discomfort due to pressure from them. I believe not only have some actually disappeared but others have shrunk as a result of my healings with Anna.”


Dear Annakee, there are almost no words that can describe what’s going on in my heart. You have been accompanying me on my way for a few years now. First I enjoyed your healing treatments and then I became your student. You gave me courage and showed me what light shines in me and finally wants to be carried out into the world. Through you I could see what true greatness really is in me. Everything was not always rosy on my way to my soul. Working with me caused a lot of pain and continues to do so today, but also wonderful moments of gratitude and grace for precisely that. Even if the tunnel seemed very gloomy to me at times, you believed in me every moment. You reminded me that I have wings to fly and encouraged me to go further. I am infinitely grateful from the bottom of my heart that I have you by my side again today and that I can learn from you. You pick me up every time where I’m stuck and go through exactly what I need with me. You take the time I need and if I still have so many questions on my mind, you go through each one in peace with me and take time for me. Thank you very much for this and I hope that you will continue to work with you for many years to come. I firmly believe that with your help I will soon be able to live my soul mission. In gratitude with a lot of light and love, your Isabel!


“I can’t say enough about Anna’s work as a healer! We had a really powerful healing session. Prior to our session, I felt stuck, chaotic, drained and out of balance in many areas of my life (home, career, relationships, etc). Anna helped me find parallels in feng shui and chi blockages in my home and what was happening around me. We did an intense visualization meditation in which family traumas were revealed and cleared, plus other important symbols and insights were revealed that have brought clarity and a sense of peace. She also provided me exercises to do after our session to continue to integrate the healing as well as to clear any lingering blockages. The session with her cleared some lack consciousness that was draining me financially. Plus it opened up a greater wealth and abundance consciousness–right after our session, I got an unexpected work request out of the blue from a former client! On top of everything else, Anna is very compassionate, a great listener and easy to talk to–she made me feel special, like our session was the most important thing for her at that moment. Can’t wait for our next session! I highly recommend Anna for healing sessions!”


“I have received healing from Anneli many times and I’m always surprised by the simplicity and the way her touch goes deep in a sweet way. In most cases, I emphasize the clarity that it leaves me and the feeling of peace and tranquility that is so difficult to achieve nowadays. It is the kind of healing where you notice very clearly all the dedication that she puts into it and the great connection she has with her helping spiritual guides. I recommend everyone to have a session with her as there are not many people as enthusiastic and caring as Anneli to do good and I consider myself lucky to have found her.”


“Jamie has an amazing way of holding space, creating a safe container for energy healing, which can be really vulnerable and emotional. I felt incredibly understood, heard, and seen. I am an extreme empath and have gone through a lot of traumatic experiences during my lifetime. The work that Jamie and I did together felt really healing and helpful in starting to create healthy boundaries for myself. The journey to healing and reconnecting with myself is a sacred one, and having someone as loving and kind as Jamie alongside is a true gift. I cannot recommend working with her enough!”

Sarah L.

I have multiple health issues. Had a lot of stress, anxiety, overthinking issues. Level of anxiety and stress has reduced dramatically and I’m more peaceful calm and composed. I’m able to be stable even in major emotional and mental traumatic situations like when my mother got hospitalized. Earlier I would go into a state of depression. Now it’s not affecting me much. It’s only a concern for her.

Shivana B.

I have long working hours 24-78 hours with short breaks, the profession calls for it and at the same time having not so good relationship with my husband. I was always traumatized and stressed about everything and within few minutes would ignite into irritation and frustration. Thanks to Rishi, post his session now my relationship has also improved and yes my anxiety and stress has reduces incredibly and I’m calm and composed even after having such long working hours.

Ranjani I.

“I truly feel like Jamie brought me back to life! I’ve been so numb and sticky feeling. This experience is bringing back those spiritual connections that I thought I had lost.”

Emily S.

“I was referred to by Jamie by a good friend. I had little to no experience with energy healing prior, but was open-minded to trying it, so I gave it a shot. It’s really nice to talk to Jamie and use our sessions to really pull back from a hectic schedule to take space for myself and listen to what she was reading from me. What she found gave me new perspectives to consider about myself and it was overall the hopeful and positive experience that I needed to focus on during a low point in my life. Meeting Jamie is something I’m very grateful for and I’d highly recommend her to anyone who is the least bit interested in the energy healing process.”

W. Gregoire

I was always depressed and anxious as coming to a new country (Canada) and being alone the entire day away from my family post getting married, no friends or relatives around, unable to connect to my family as well due to the time difference. Post each session I was much more calm and relaxed. Now my migraine issues have also reduced and I am much happier.

Krithika J.

“Since the very first time I met Anneli I knew she was a powerful healer. You can tell only by looking at her. I’ve been fortunate to learn many things together with her. Her knowledge is ancient, ancestral. She radiates a calm that surrounds all her work, and that gives her a wide and interesting perception when it comes to treating you as a patient. For some time now Anneli has been following my healing process as my healer, and I can assure you that you can see the progress very clearly. You can open your heart and soul to her, she will take care of them and heal them with much love and compassion. I highly recommend her!”


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