Meet Our Team

We are a group of healers from around the world sharing our gift from the Universe that we have honed to rebalance the lives of those around us.  We want to change what is uncommon to common.

Our goal is to build a peaceful community supporting and healing people with PTSD, anxiety, or depression.  You will be filled with tranquility and a life filled with love.  

Modern medicine serves to hide the symptoms while we go to the source.

        Dr’s prescribe pills with many different side effects VS we fill you with LOVE, Joy and Gratitude.  

        Psychologists spend years having you rehash your story VS we accept, embrace and give it to the universe.  

When you join our team as a supporter, healer or healed angel you will be directly involved in the stories of success and accomplishment amongst those going through the program and of the souls who have been healed.   You will stand with them and continue to encourage them through to their moment of healing and beyond.

The Universe works in your favor and we want to share that love with every soul.

Vedran is a retired professional athlete who experienced a challenging spontaneous spiritual awakening in 2014. Through this experience he was able to heal many addictions and destructive behavioural patterns. He sought to understand his extreme experience and eventually met his mentor and teacher in 2015.
This meeting sparked the integration of Vedran’s experiences and led to his conscious work towards the mastery of holding space for transformation in others.
As a healer and spiritual teacher, Vedran has since dedicated his life to guide all beings that cross his path to heal, understand and integrate their own spiritual processes. He also discovered his life purpose of raising consciousness of the Earth and the whole of humanity through service, devotion and self-awareness.


Energy Healer

I have been studying metaphysical spirituality since 1998, and in February 2016 joined the best online learning platform called Mindvalley. I have done energy workshops, mindset, and other interesting workshops and still continue my journey of learning to this day. My mission is to create awareness, different perspectives and to show people how easy it is to be happy in all aspects of their lives.


Energy Healer

As many stories go, there is always a pivotal moment when something clicks. This moment came to Semaj at 19 when he got extremely sick — pushing him to question his lifestyle and revisit painful flashbacks.

Shortly after, he discovered meditation and reiki, never looking back.

Today, with close to 10 years of self-healing and spiritual practice, Semaj decided to dedicate his life to helping people who hit a breaking point navigate through their family traumas.

As a Jikiden Reiki practitioner, Semaj has helped clients reduce anxiety, depression, and PTSD symptoms bringing the heart of the Rainforest and his grounding nature. Powerfully guiding clients through the darkest aspects of themselves allowing them to plant their feet and trust in their innate power of the heart.

“There is beauty in walking through darkness”


Jikiden Reiki practitioner

I am a naturally empathic Reiki Master/Teacher, Psychic Medium, Universal Energy Healer and Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic programming (NLP).
Aged eighteen I received Reiki healing and then began to study it myself. Connecting to Reiki enhanced my empathic abilities and sparked an interest in other aspects of spirituality and therapeutic techniques.
I attended a meditation group in which teaching of mediumship was offered and through the teaching I progressed as a Medium. I was offered opportunities to support my Teacher on stage at spiritualist churches and have since worked at various spiritual venues and events around the West Midlands of England.
I have also been enabled to connect and work with Universal Energy Healing, which has greatly enhanced my other skills and abilities to sense and remove negative energies from clients.
I discovered Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) when I decided that I wanted to expand my knowledge and skills as a therapist.
I undertook the Diploma level course and grew to understand how different experiences impacted upon people’s health and well-being. A year later I undertook the Practitioner level course and learnt a range of techniques that utilised people’s skills to assist them in making effective and positive changes to their state of mind, enabling them to be calm, relaxed and empowered to overcome challenges in their lives that had previously been problematic

David Oliver

Reiki Master and NLP Practitioner

Annakee is a healer and spirit coach. Her passion is to activate joy, creativity and the vision of life in order to live happily, self-confidently and meaningfully, and thus effectively dissolve the causes of suffering! Since her youth she has been researching the causes of emotional and psychological distress in order to bring about healing in the core of the origin. Initially out of the deep need to heal oneself from various diseases of the psyche and the body, she brought together effective building blocks to bring about more lightness, physical well-being and authenticity in people.

Annakee Sky

Ancient Healer & Spirit Coach

I am Dr. Shoma Ghosh. I am a cosmopathic pathway healer. Have been into active healing for the last 27 yrs. Practicing Cosmopathic pathways for the last 24 yrs. Have conducted more than 500 seminars and taught few thousand students.  All my students are my patients first. Once they are cured they learn the system. I have done my Md. in alternative medicine. Am a graduate of psychology. So I combine them in my healing. I am the author of Sack your healer and therapist…which is a Amazon bestseller. My own pain made me a healer. Every pain we take has a lesson in it. Only required,is to see it objectively.

Dr. Shoma Ghosh

Cosmopathic pathway healer

Anna Pavlakis is a Shamanic Healer and founder of the Integrated Soul Healing TM modality. She creates powerful transformational change for her committed clients so they can align with and embody their personal power and achieve their goals with joy and ease. Anna assists her clients in healing ancestral, present life and past life trauma in a safe, loving and supportive space. She is also a trained Feng Shui Consultant, Clear Channel, Reiki II practitioner, and Spiritual Coach and Teacher. Her mission is to awaken and guide others to understand who they are, why they are here, and how they can live aligned with their fullest Divine potential. Anna Pavlakis has given workshops in New York City at the Aveda Flagship Store, the Edgar Cayce Center (A.R.E.), the New York Theosophical Society, East-West Living Bookstore, the Alignment Center, and other venues. In Spain she has led various workshops, guided meditations and journeys, rituals, and Earth grid work in Barcelona, Seville and Valencia. Anna has appeared on local television in NYC and has been a guest twice on Blogtalk Radio. She has done live channelings of Ascended Masters at Wesak 2010, 2011 and 2012 in NYC and Hancock, NY, and has done readings and healings at the New Life Expo in NYC, the Awaken Wellness Fair in Fort Lee, NJ, the Theosophical Society’s Psychic Fairs, the Divine Star Wellness Fairs at the A.R.E., and other events. Anna has studied and trained with gifted Feng Shui masters, Shamans from the Tibetan and Native American cultures, Reiki masters, Ascension teachers, and her non-physical Spiritual teachers.

Anna Pavlakis

Shamanic Healer

Rishi has a dynamic 7 Years work experience in MNCs and 7+ years in Business. He has learned different forms of healing modalities and is a Certified Healer and is also a trainer. He has been practicing multiple healing techniques since 2010. He has successfully healed and changed many lives since then. He has his own business where his designation is as a director, co-founder.

He specializes in: Aura Healing, Crystal Healing, Business Healing, Emotional and Psychological Healing, Mudra Healing, And Many More

* He has successfully healed doctors with sleep disorders.

* He successful heals and consults depression, emotional and psychological disorders, physical pain and issues since years, Business Healing, PCOS, Black Magic issues and concerns, pets, just to name a few.

Rishi Seth

Holistic Healer and Trainer

Pro Earth evolution architect working with compassion and clarity to produce joy solutions..bridges to sustainable,holistic and heart centred living.I am a global citizen aiming for future global governance,one world spirituality,one movement forward to peace. Incorporating progressive policies which would lead to relief of world poverty.WTF…….World Trade Fed’er(n)ations.
The Mandela effect…one individual can reach out to everyone on the planET through social media.They can hold conversations on ordinary ways of living and how to create change, though better versions of ourselves.We do not need: dogma.politics,red tape,corporate bullying and elitism.We do need: creativity ,free thinking bringing world wide joy SOUL lutions…..

Lindsay Maundrill


Jamie helps her clients achieve emotional empowerment and sovereignty, so they can go from feeling disconnected to living in harmony as all of who they are. When working with clients, Jamie channels a unique form of energy healing, called Angel Activations. This form of healing helps clients to release emotional blocks and traumas, so they can continue on their own unique path of healing- mind, body and soul.

Jamie was introduced to the powers of energy healing as she followed her own path of healing. She worked in the mental health field for over a decade, but always knew she was only addressing one piece of the puzzle. She knew traditional psychological treatments alone were not going to bring her clients, or herself, deep healing and transformation.

Jamie began researching alternative healing modalities and was eventually exposed to energy healing. She immediately knew this was the missing link. She could feel her body and mind releasing trapped emotions and traumas that other forms of treatment had not been able to budge.

Soon after, Jamie began using energy healing with her own clients. Knowing she had found her calling, Jamie transitioned to providing energy healing to others on a full-time basis. She is on a mission to share as much healing light as she can around the world and to show others how truly transformational energy healing can be.

Jamie Morrissey

Energy Healer

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